About Us

Sulaiha restaurant was started in 1990 and emerged as an international brand with its great customer support and the food we serve here. We serve customers all across globe and majority of our customers are from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa. We also have majority of customers from Bangalore and across south India, visiting us on weekends and special events with their family, friends and soulmates. They enjoy visiting local temples and feeling the essence of Indian heritage and culture. Our customers are utmost satisfied in enjoying the local food and also the multi cuisine food we serve here. Come, Visit us and enjoy the nature, religious visits and the food you are looking for. We are standing at our door step to welcome you and make you the part of our unforgettable hospitality.


high housung security

At Hotel Sulaiha, we consider guest comfort and security as our utmost priority. Be rest assured with the today's global security challenges.

trusted agents

Our trusted agents will help you in all sort of travel and tourism around the place. Your safety and comfort is completely taken care.

get an offer

Avail our offers on Stay, Food. We also surprise you on your special events.

visit your new hut restaurant

Enjoy live food, barbecue, candle light dinners, garden view, music in our hut restaurant. There are many more in the list to explore when you visit.